Mega64 Offers a New Direction for the Batman Arkham Franchise

The Mega64 YouTube channel has released a cheeky new parody for the Batman Arkham franchise of games that offers a new direction for the franchise.

Their vision for the next Batman game is wildly unique and somewhat offensive to the source material, but that’s what makes the bit so entertaining and funny. According to Mega64 the new Batman is a Puerto Rican that wears a tuxedo shirt and a yellow raincoat to beat down Gotham’s villains, and he can actually fly and use guns. In fact, this Batman uses guns to combat even the most unoffensive of crimes such as jaywalking, and he may or not go on arbitrary killing sprees because he’s poor.

There is too much lunacy to discuss on paper, so check out the video above to see where the Batman Arkham franchise is headed with its new Batman. Spoiler, it will feature a lot of Troy Baker!


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