The blue bomber has made his official appearance on iOS and Android in style, with the first 6 of the Classic series (still not counting that horrible Megaman X Remake, that never happened). Each game can be picked up for just two bucks each, and if they were ported as well as they seemed, that’ a pretty damn good deal, especially if you’ve never played the games before. While mobile gaming can be seen as a nasty, dumb, casual thing to a lot of hardcore gamers, there is something nice about this. A lot of kids play with their parents’ phones or tablets, and now, if a parent wants their kids to experience some retro platforming action, they don’t have to shell out a ridiculous amount of money on the games to do so. For 12 dollars, you could get your kid to experience some of the best action-platforming that Megaman has ever been a part of, and that the NES ever had (next to Super Mario Bros. 3).

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