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Memoria is one of those games that does little to stray from an established formula; it’s a brain twisting point and click story adventure that ticks all the right boxes. It never tries to be over ambitious in its goals and firmly knows what type experience it offers. It doesn’t have to, the form it has taken is a familiar one that works – and works well.

Memoria’s point and click formula is familiar and intuitive.
Memoria’s point and click formula is familiar and intuitive.

The plot of Memoria at first can seem confusing, but like a morning mist, all is revealed as the hours roll by. The story is split between two main characters separated by several hundred years of time. The first you play as is Sadja, a young and inexperienced princess who is on a quest to find an ancient artefact to aid her fight against a legion of demons in an upcoming battle.

The second protagonist in Daedalic Entertainment’s grand adventure is Geron. Geron simply wants to have his girlfriend Nuri transformed from a raven back into her original form – a fairy. He befriends a travelling merchant who promises him that he can accomplish this if Geron solves a riddle. Geron accepts, but unbeknownst to him, he is actually helping in unlocking the final piece of Princess Sadja’s story, as her deeds have long been lost in the depths of history and forgotten.

Characters and locations are varied and interesting.
Characters and locations are varied and interesting.

The first thing you will notice about Memoria is the striking beauty of its art style. The backdrops of all the games scenes have been beautifully hand crafted and Memoria really shines because of this. It’s a good thing too, as more than once you will find yourself in the same area for considerable amounts of time trying to figure out one of the game’s many tricky puzzles. Coupled with the excellent soundtrack it never gets tiring trying out the various solutions your brain can muster.

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The artwork is simply breath-taking.

Gameplay is relatively simple; items in your inventory can be combined and used in the game world by clicking on them and then the hotspot within the scene and pressing space will reveal all of the interactive elements in any given area. Both characters also possess spells that help them in overcoming puzzles and the inter-play between the spells and item combos leads to some ingenious and interesting solutions that are not always as straightforward as they first might seem and you will find yourself baffled more than once.

The plot is decent and the two stories of Sadja and Geron are inextricably linked together, with some surprising twists along the way. It’s engaging without being convoluted, and coupled with the stellar visuals and audio – wholly charming. There’s also a fair amount of humor in there too; in fact, it’s possible to complete the game after about an hour in one particularly hilarious encounter.

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A mixture of magic and item combination is needed to overcome the games many puzzles

The soundtrack is sublime and varied enough to flow nicely in the background. The voice acting is also well realized; character’s fit their roles perfectly with memorable and quirky performances from the wide roster of individuals – though some of the one-liners can get a bit repetitive after you have heard them for the hundredth time. But unless Dadelic recorded thousands of individual dialogue options for the same events, it was unavoidable.

If you are looking for well crafted, interesting and puzzle driven adventure then you should definitely pick up Memoria. In it you will find many hours of beautifully realized scenes that will get your brain ticking over and leave you hungry to reveal the next chapter in its intriguing plot. The design of some of the puzzles might leave you stumped for a while, but they all have a genuine logic that will lead you to a ‘eureka!’ moment on several occasions if you persevere.

[schema type=”review” name=”Memoria | Review Summary” description=”The Awesome: Beautiful art style, Great soundtrack, compelling plot, well thought out puzzles | The Not so Awesome: Some repetitive dialogue, Puzzles might be too hard for some, initially confusing” rev_name=”Memoria” rev_body=”Memoria is a visually gorgeous and sturdy adventure experience, while not pushing any boundaries; it offers a solid plot and inventive puzzles. It’s enjoyable throughout with some clever use of spells and humour to keep it interesting and involving enough to keep you pushing through some of the games more tricky challenges. If you enjoy point and click adventures, or just a good story then Memoria is perfect for you, just don’t expect to breeze through the game, you will have to work your brain to get the next morsel of plot.” author=”TenBensons” pubdate=”2013-08-22″ user_review=”8″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”10″ ]

*The reviewer was given a review copy of Memoria on the PC

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