Merge VR Goggles Unveils New Dual Input Feature

Merge VR announced today that their VR Goggles will come with a dual input feature when it hits store shelves this fall. This is groundbreaking for virtual reality, and even more impressive considering this is the first affordable pair of VR goggles to hit retail.WEB-Merge-360-Hero-34-no-cap-1200pxDual input allows the user to perform two inputs simultaneously with just the goggles alone – other competitors’ solutions only offer single inputs, if any at all. This seems like a simple, even archaic concept to praise in this day and age, but the world of virtual reality is a different beast. Merge VR Founder Franklin Lyons says:

“Going from just one input to two is a huge leap. Now with two inputs on our Merge VR Goggles, you can perform two different functions simultaneously, like run AND jump. Think of breakthroughs like the two-button mouse or the first Nintendo controller with A and B buttons – developers and users are going to have a significantly enhanced experience.”

The device is surely made for comfort, employing a lightweight-yet-sturdy purple foam material (with closed-cell technology) for most the goggles’ structure. Two buttons reside on the top for easy, natural access to the controls – and this isn’t just coming from Merge VR. At a recent gaming event in the UK, thousands of people were exposed to the product, giving Merge VR some exuberantly enthusiastic feedback.

GAME, UK’s leading games retailer signed a deal to exclusively offer Merge VR Goggles at each and every UK store, intending to expand into all 557 of their stores. Pre-orders have already been made available at GAME’s website.

Thankfully enough, these purple beauties aren’t a UK exclusive – Merge VR will be launching pre-orders for US residents soon. So get ready to snap in your iOS or Android smartphone, download the appropriate apps, games, or videos, then relax (or engage) yourself into the immersive world of virtual reality.

It’s that easy.


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