Snake on Horse MGS5

Snake on Horse MGS5

The Metal Gear Solid series has long been considered one of the crown jewels of gaming, and today’s E3 footage looks like it will only add to the legacy.

If not for Snake’s distinct appearance, the beginning of the trailer looked like another entry in the Red Dead series, two men on top of horses staring at a vast desert. What followed was an even more exciting prospect: the evolution of Metal Gear into an open world title.

The video follows Snake as he treks through desert terrain, hides behind rubble, and climbs over wooden planks in a still unclear mission. He reunites with a familiar face after some heavy espionage, but you’ll have to check out the trailer to find out who it belongs to.

Running on the Fox Engine, Hideo Kojima’s consistently great work looks to be continuing on the next generation of consoles.

 Metal Gear Solid 5 Gameplay (E3 2013)

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