Metal Gear Solid Fan Film by Fury Fingers

Fury Fingers, a small group of film-makers on YouTube, just uploaded a fan film based on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater entitled Sleeping With The Enemy. The group’s penchant for Metal Gear Solid (and more) paired with detailed, quality content perked Konami’s ears enough for them to publish a Twitter post promoting the video.

Action, comedy, and video effects are the channel’s most toted areas of expertise, and Sleeping With The Enemy reinforces all three. The fight choreography is impressive to say the very least. Camera shots don’t rely on cutting from one to the other, including prolonged scenes of choreography that noticeably require a commendable amount of precision to pull off in one take.

All characters – masked enemies included – bring a fresh comedic element to the film. Even the fight scenes (which are predominant) have their own hilarity, either embarrassing the enemies or Snake himself. Dialogue is minimal, allowing viewers to focus on the visuals. Mentioning this should be considered an accolade in conjunction with Sleeping With The Enemy‘s humor; conveying amusement without depending on conversation is far harder than it looks.

Video effects deserve a special mention, enhancing the video’s quality without intruding on its realism. Guns spinning in characters’ hands, “Z”s appearing to convey sleepiness, and the trademark exclamation point above the heads of enemies are all featured unobtrusively. Even the sound effects are near exact replications of the game, recalling a sense of nostalgia for those who’ve played any of the series’ releases.

Mixing their creativity, passion, and skills, Fury Fingers continues to progress in quality with each video release. If you’re interested in the creation process, they’ve uploaded a number of Behind the Scenes videos, as well.

Here’s to hoping these will inspire others to produce their own creations.


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