Metal Gear Solid Gets a Makeover in Unsanctioned Fangame

When it was originally released for the PlayStation, Metal Gear Solid challenged many established video game conventions. The game’s rigid camera angles created a tense and atmospheric stealth setting rife with political intrigue. Metal Gear Solid’s boss fights innovated and surpassed the expectations of what was possible on the PlayStation’s hardware, while Solid Snake — now an iconic part of the video game canon — was solidified as a character worth giving a shit about.

Now, Metal Gear Solid has a chance to live once more. A new trailer for a fan-made project called “Shadow Moses” shows what is a functioning remake of the original MGS, created with the ever-versatile Unreal Engine 4.

Of course, projects like these pop up often and they are frequently shut down by whoever holds the source material’s copyright. In the case of Shadow Moses, that would be Konami.

The Shadow Moses trailer is pretty impressive, and it would be a shame to see the project shut down while it’s still in development. No word from Konami has been issued in regards to Shadow Moses yet, but the company’s recent actions have led the public to believe that the Japanese publisher won’t take kindly to the trailer.

For now, we can just keep an eye on Shadow Moses and hope that the team strikes some kind of deal with Konami. I, for one, would love to experience Metal Gear Solid rebuilt from the ground up.


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