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Hideo Kojima made all of our hopes and dreams come true on Christmas Day by giving us the news that all Metal Gear Solid fans have been waiting for. A release date! No, I’m just joking, who needs a release date, when there’s chicken hats! Yes boys and girls, Mr. Kojima has trolled us all, lovingly of course. After sitting through a nearly three hour live stream on the appropriately named Kojima Station, where he mostly talked about movies and games he liked, fans were eventually greeted with drawings and photos of Big Boss in the cutest of hats. It made him look very dashing if you ask me.

MGSV Chicken Hat Photo

The means by which you acquire this new gear is by, well how do I say this, sucking at the game! Yep, if you continuously show difficulty in completing a mission, by lets say constantly being seen by enemies and promptly shot in the face, then a message will appear asking if you’d like the aid of the chicken. If you agree to this charity, then you shall be adorned with the chicken hat and become nearly invisible to all surrounding enemies. So for those of you who can’t quite get the hang of stealth games, Hideo understands your plight. Although, once you adorn the hat, you’re stuck with it. Even while Big Boss is grumbling away in the depths of war, you’ll be there looking like an idiot. But hey, it also glows in the dark! Because if you’re terrible at the game, you’re probably also afraid of the dark. So this gets my vote for best announcement of the year.


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