Metroid’s Mother Brain and Chozo Get Their Own LORE Video

Metroid: Samus Returns kicks just as much ass as we all wanted it to, and that means promising things for Metroid Prime 4. Of course, we don’t actually know when that’s coming out, but that doesn’t really matter. The fact that it’s coming out—and that we got Samus Returns— means that Nintendo didn’t forget us. I had a feeling we wouldn’t see another Metroid game for a long time after Federation Force because that game was just so much…nothing.

For those that haven’t checked out the games, or maybe never paid much mind to the story, you should check out LORE’s new video! The lore of Metroid is surprisingly deep for being one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises; you should get caught up before you play the new game!

Let us know what your favorite bit of Metroid lore is, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more Metroid news here at EB!


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