In an attempt to catch a glimpse of the 6 minute TDKR’s prologue I went to an early screening of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol on IMAX, but unfortunately my plans were foiled.  It seems that the prologue is only playing in certain cities, and mine wasn’t one of them.  I still got to see the latest TDKR trailer in IMAX form, but to say that I was disappointed about not getting to see the full 6 minute TDKR’s prologue would be an understatement.  Luckily for me, Mi:4 in IMAX form was a helluva good flick, so my day wasn’t fully shat on.


EB 9 out of 10 Buddhas

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol on an IMAX screen is a movie going experience that all geeks, and fans of action thrillers should go and see.  Bad Robot did a fantastic job rounding up a solid team of movie makers when they put this film together, and it shows in the finished product.  Mi:4‘s plot picks up almost immediately upon the start of the movie, and outside of a few slower moments, this flick is a nonstop action fest that doesn’t let your mind rest until the very end.  To me the true joy of seeing a movie like this is to check out all of the futuristic gear that Tom and his crew get to use as members of the IMF.

Mi:4 didn’t disappoint in this arena.  This movie is full of more technological gadgets than a Best Buy, and if they were real I’d be figuring out a way to procure them to start my own foray into the spy business.  Most of these gadgets are obviously rooted in movie fiction, but the science behind them isn’t that far fetched.  My favorite toy that the IMF team deployed was a holographic screen that could fool someone into thinking that what they’re looking at was real.  Tom’s character Ethan uses this tech brilliantly in a scene with Simon Pegg’s comic relief heavy character, Benji. I also enjoyed the touchscreen table that the team uses in their train fortress (loved how it employed some NFC tech with a USB stick), as well as the futuristic BMW (yes please!) that is equipped with a Minority Report style GPS system.  Trust me, Mi:4 is enjoyable enough just by soaking in these geeky gadgets of awesomeness, but it has other merits as well.

NFC enhanced spy table

Mi:4 is loaded with out-of-this-world action scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the full length of the film.  This amazing action sequences sound and look brilliant via the beefed up sound system and digital capabilities of IMAX technology.  I could literally feel the action coursing through my body via the booming sound system blasting out the explosions taking place on screen.  Like I mentioned earlier there really are no dull moments in this film, and for the sake of not spoiling some of the more insane moments of Mi:4 I will not list my favorite action scenes in this review.  Let’s just say that Tom Cruise and his stuntman earned their paychecks for this movie, and regardless of how wacky he may be in real life, Cruise is definitely the real deal when it comes to doing his own stunts in this movie.

Tom Cruise has big balls nuff’ said

Cruise is obviously the main draw to a movie like this, but his supporting cast does a very good job at filling their roles as well.  I was extremely happy to see Josh Holloway in action again (Sawyer from LOST), and his character in this film will make you realize how good of an actor this dude really is.  He only has a bit part, but when you see him you’ll have a hard time remembering him as the lead a-hole on LOST, because he plays a much more serious character in Mi:4.  I also enjoyed Simon Pegg, who was obviously the comic relief in this film to break up the tense action.  He delivers his perfectly, and he’ll definitely coax a few laughs at of you with his performance.

The female lead is semi-forgettable, but she still looks the part and wears a few sexy outfits throughout the flick.  I honestly think she was chosen because she’s short (Tom really looks diminutive in this movie for some reason), but being of a smaller frame myself I appreciated her athletic, yet stocky build.  Jeremy Renner rounds out the main cast, but to me his character just seemed awkward throughout the movie.  They try to emotionally tie him to Cruise’s character Ethan, and a mission that took place in the past, but the whole thing just didn’t seem to work that well.  In a movie like this emotions outside of excitement aren’t necessary, so I really didn’t get why they tried to bring some real life feelings to an action film.

The Mi:4 main cast

Overall, the IMAX version of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is a b*tchin good time.  The booming sound and digital visuals that the IMAX technology provides is perfectly utilized in this action heavy thriller.  Tom and company do a fine job making some of the more unbelievable stunts look real, and if you’re into drooling over futuristic tech this film doesn’t disappoint.  From portable holo-projectors to high powered mobile magnets you’re brain will be treated to all kinds of craziness while watching this movie on an IMAX screen.

I enjoyed Cruise’s performance, and give him much respect for some of the stunts he pulled off, because some of them are indeed “sh*t yourself” worthy.  The only aspect of Mi:4 that I didn’t really enjoy was the attempt to tie Jeremy Renner’s character’s past with Tom Cruise’s Ethan.  It just seemed unneeded, and the scenes didn’t really work for me.  When it’s all said and done though Mi:4 earns itself an EB 9 out of 10 Buddhas.  Go see it on an IMAX screen and just enjoy it for what it is.  It’s definitely worth a few hours of your boring day, so get off the couch and do something with your life!  You’ve been urged to mingle with society…

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Trailer 2 (HD)

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