Michael Lohan is One Crazy Guy, but Does Lindsay Really Have the HIV?

I’m not much of a celebrity addict like most of this country, but I do love crazies.  The Lohans and the nutty shit that they’ve been up to over the past 5 years are my type of nuts.  How cracked out is this family?  The parents will do anything to be in the limelight, which entails selling out their kids secrets and doing jail time to state a few examples.  The kids, namely Lindsay, have taken a promising and lucrative career and literally flushed it down the commode.

How many people would cut off their arms to be successful in Hollywood like Lindsay was?  It really is a shame at what a mess she has gotten herself into.  She’s done as far as a career goes, and has been relegated to the depths of tabloid hell.  See kiddies, hardcore drugs are for losers, don’t be a turd like Lindsay.

True to form for the crazy Lohan clan, Michael Lohan just recently posted on his Twitter page that Lindsay has HIV and hooked up with Tommy Mottola as a 17 year-old!!!  How drunk do you think he was when he posted those tweets?  Talk about some jacked up drunk-dialing.  We’ve all done it ourselves, but calling out your kid’s alleged HIV infection is a lot worse than calling a friend at 3AM and slurring your incoherent thoughts into their voicemail.

What a dick, do you really think he cares about his kids, or is it all a plan to land his next spot on EXTRA?  Check out his tweets below which have been deleted from his account, but are forever immortalized in a screenshot.

Do you think she has the HIV?  Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me, she is quite a F-up.  Call me callous, but who gives a rat’s ass if she has the precursor to AIDS?  It’s called population control, and we definitely need less scummy celebs on this planet.  Chalk one up for the universe if this is true!

*Update* – Well I guess our wishes won’t come true.  Michael Lohan has explained that his Twitter account was hacked and the cyber-terrorists posted the false HIV tweets.  I’m guessing it was Lindsay’s publicist to get some more press, but that’s just me.  You’ve been dished…

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