Microsoft Announces ‘Avatar Kinect’ For Xbox 360 Consoles With the Device

MS announced ‘Avatar Kinect’ at CES yesterday, which will be a similar experience to Playstation’s Home except that it won’t suck.  Just kidding, Home just isn’t appealing to me because of Sony’s clunky on-line service.  On the other hand, I see Avatar Kinect as a gimmick, albeit an interesting one.  Basically, you can meet with your friends and their Avatars in a virtual meeting space to chat and hang out.  The Kinect will map all of your body movements and facial expressions while translating them to your Avatar on-screen.  It’s sort of like the mo-cap process for CGI heavy films, but there’s no need to wear all those balls on your face.  It looks like there’s a variety of areas to meet in, and you may be able to broadcast your meetings to other friends (Speculation, but looks that way in the video below).

I like the concept, but I’m not too sure how much I’d actually use it.  Knowing my gaming friends we’d all meet up in Avatar Kinect and make our Avatars participate in a virtual match of ookie-cookie, or some other form of perversion.  That’s not weird right? Right?  To me it looks like you can meet with up to 8 friends on-line to hang out in AK.  If that’s the case I wish they could accommodate more than 2 people in a Video Kinect session.  Even I like to interact with real people sometimes, as long as it’s on-line ; )  Take a look at the first trailer for Avatar Kinect below.  It should be ready to drop this Spring, so stay tuned for any updates.  You’ve been wondering what forms of debauchery could come out of this future Kinect feature.


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