Microsoft just dropped a huge bombshell at the end of their press conference at E3.

Phil Spencer walked out on stage one last time to officially reveal ‘Project Scorpio.’

Project Scorpio is the most advanced addition to the Xbox family. The Scorpio will boast a heft six teraflops of power, capable of not only running 4K video, but running 4K-native games as well. The Scorpio will also be able to support virtual reality experiences as well.

This is a huge step up, not only for Microsoft, but for developers as well. Many developers will be able to see their games that run at 1080p, play without any sort of frame rate loss. With titles like DOOM and Fallout 4 coming to VR, Project Scorpio will be perfect to support them.

The release for Project Scorpio is slated for Holiday 2017, there are no current talks of price at the moment but be sure to keep it locked here to Entertainment Buddha for up to date information as it releases.


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