Microsoft Banning Fools From COD: Black Ops Who Represent the Third Reich

Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement, Stephen Toulouse, has announced through his Twitter account, and a follow up post, that any gamer caught whipping a swastika on their Call of Duty: Black Ops Player Card will get the ban-hammer from Xbox Live.  Crap like this is the reason why certain gamers suck.  Treyarch gives us all a little freedom to be creative with personal logos and the like, and then you have bozos like this take advantage of that freedom.  I could see behavior like this leading developers to cut down on some of the freedom’s of expression they put in their game for players to distinguish themselves from the pack.

I’d imagine if there was a way to do it, some gamers would create all kinds of perverted images to use on their COD: Black Ops player card.  This is both the beauty and ugly side of being a gamer.  In my opinion, gamers are some of the most creative souls on the planet, but sometimes that creativity gets used in a distasteful fashion.  Just look at the evolution of the teabag first seen in Halo games!

If you want to be different with your COD: Black Ops player card, try drawing some titties, or a set of balls.  Use common sense people, since when has the swastika not caused people to become enraged with emotions.  If you have to represent this image, carve it into your head like the Basterds did in their uplifting film about the Nazis you hate inducing dopes!

The sad thing is that these dummies who have been banned for using swastikas are probably a bunch of rich white boys who have never had to experience real life because Mommy and Daddy always tell them how perfect they are.  You know, the same crowd that insists on dressing and acting like they’re from the hood even though their parents just bought them a Mercedes for their sweet 16.  I just don’t get people like this! You’ve been banned for being a hate mongerer, don’t believe me?  Look below…

Further explanation from XBOX on why gamers are getting banned for being tools.

The Xbox LIVE profile and in game content you create is accessible by everyone. You do not have the context inside of it to explain your long winded contrarian view that your pithy text that violates the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct is actually intended to change people’s minds about a commonly held understanding.

It’s not political correctness, it’s fundamental respect. If you think the swastika symbol should be re-evaluated by societies all over the Earth, I think that’s great. Your Xbox LIVE profile or in game logo, which doesn’t have the context to explain your goal, is not the right place to do that.

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