Microsoft has Built a Dedicated Version of Minecraft for Its HoloLens

During Microsoft’s E3 conference earlier today, one of their many announcements included their virtual reality device, the HoloLens. During the presentation, the audience had the opportunity to see what it was like to play a dedicated version of Minecraft while the user walked around an empty table on which the HoloLens projected the miniature universe.

As Saxs Persson demonstrated the HoloLens – first against a wall using an Xbox controller, then on a table – viewers got to see just how impressive the new age tech can be. Using voice commands to build a world, and finger taps and movements sans controller provided a more freeing way to play the game. As demonstrated, users can team up with other players, even if the other player doesn’t have a HaloLens. It’s a pretty impressive feat when you can see the game in 3D while another person is running around as you create worlds and mine together.

Just from the demonstration, fans can see how incredible this looks. The headset works in such a way that moving around the table doesn’t shift or dislodge the world, and the hand motion and voice command response team seems rather timely, with no hint at delays that may cause user frustration. Just imagine what it will be like when users can play a FPS.

Check out the video above for the demonstration, and continue to check back for more updates during E3.


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