Microsoft Makes Moves with June Xbox One Update, Kinect Improvements

Microsoft has made waves recently with their reversal of numerous Xbox Live policies and the newly announced Kinect-less Xbox One bundle. While these new announcements and changes may have created for numerous different opinions from video game fans, there is little denying that these changes are decidedly for the better.

Today, Microsoft released two new videos detailing additional changes for both the Xbox One and Kinect.

In the June update video, Major Nelson and Richard Irving discuss the various overhauls and new features that Xbox One owners can expect to see in the next system update. From the official removal of app paywalls, to changes to the Friends App and a whole new look to Smart Glass, the June update for the Xbox One looks to be nothing but a significant improvement.

The other new video from Microsoft details ways to improve your Kinect experience. Helpful tips and tricks for cleaning, optimizing and achieving the best possible Kinect responses are shared in hopes that the motion and audio sensor will become a more used and appreciated service. While many of the topics discussed in the video may be common knowledge to more tech-savy console owners, the video is sure to be a life saver for those who were not already informed.


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