Microsoft Promises Better Voice Chat With Fall Update

Xbox Live Studios general manager Jerry Johnson let out some news in regards to the Xbox Live fall update.  Supposedly Microsoft wants to improve upon the audio codecs used in their voice chat program.  For any of you Xbox Live gamers out there I’m sure this bit of news is literally music to your ears.  I personally have a hell of a time with my buddies and trying to hear what they’re saying while on a party chat.  Half the time their mic drops out, or mine does, and we find ourselves blowing hot air and talking to nobody on the other end.  This scenario drives me nuts.  It’s annoying as hell to have to repeat yourself all the time, and it’s just as annoying to ask someone to repeat themselves all the time.

Hopefully, with this fall update to the new audio codec system, most of these chatting annoyances will fade away.  I guess MS has been using a low-bit codec since the beginning because it worked well with the 64k broadband specs they initially set many years ago.  Now that 64k broadband is almost doable in any part of the world, they want to take advantage of the bigger pipe and provide clearer voice chat with a beefier codec.  Holy sh*t does this sound geeky as f*ck or what?  Nerd alert!  I’ll keep an eye out on future developments with this, and any other changes coming with this year’s fall Xbox Live update.  You’ve been wanting to hear what AFROzone has been saying in your headset for the past couple of years…

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