Microsoft Reveals Details on Next Console – Project Scarlet

Today at Microsoft’s E3 conference, the tech giant unveiled it’s latest console, which is going to be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X.


Yeah, that’s beefy, and they promised that it’ll be able to create visuals that have never before seen before. The console will also have a SSD drive, which will make it as fast as possible during load times, so there should be almost no load times on this console. It will also employ a state-of-the-art processor from AMD.

It just sounds like MS has shifted away from the idea that a game console needs to be a multi-functioning, multimedia everything device, so this Project Scarlet is going to be built for gaming and gaming only. I’d imagine it’ll still run streaming apps and play UHD Blu-rays, but it sounds like the tech is all centered around gaming functions.

At this time no other details have been released, outside of the fact that it will ship with the next Halo game, which just make this thing even better. The release window is set for Holiday 2020.

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