Microsoft Shows Off IllumiRoom and its Gaming Applications


The MicrosoftResearch YouTube channel has put out another proof-of-concept video for the Illumiroom technology, which many gaming industry insiders think will be used at some point during the run of the next Xbox console. This projector-like device uses kinect technology to map your surroundings in an effort to create various visual effects to enhance gameplay, or movies. Based on the demo video, it looks like the Illumiroom will be able to extend your field of vision, create ambient effects, or theme your play space based on the game you are currently playing.

I for one think this device has some potential, but its success will come down to cost, and third party developer support. There’s also some competition in this space via the Oculus Rift, which is a device that will provide a high-quality virtual reality environment for gamers. Rather than just painting your room with an extension of what is being displayed on your TV the Rift will actually bring you into the environment through its futuristic looking head piece. I like the promises that each of these devices offer, so it will be interesting to see how MS implements the Illumiroom technology into its next gaming console if that is indeed their plans behind these tech demos.

You can check out a detailed video of the Illumiroom in action after the break. You’ve been wanting to be The Lawnmower Man for decades…

IllumiRoom: Peripheral Projected Illusions for Interactive Experiences


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