Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Device Offers a 4D-ish Gaming Experience

Microsoft's IllumiRoom Gaming Device

Yesterday at CES Microsoft introduced it’s new, but mysterious IllumiRoom concept, which looks to turn your gaming cave into a 4D thrill ride.  It’s a pretty far out concept but based on the trailer below, which MS confirms to be a real-time tech demo; I think I could get behind it.  The IllumiRoom seems to be some sort of display technology that transposes parts of the game world in your chosen gaming room to turn it into a more immersive environment.

Call me crazy, but I think gamers will take to something like the IllumiRoom over the Kinect.  Although, as with most things, it will all depend on the price.  I expect to hear more from MS as 2013 passes, so when I do I’ll make sure to update EB Nation.  In the meantime check out the IllumiRoom in action after the break.  You’ve been liking this Xbox holodeck idea…

IllumiRoom Projects Images Beyond Your TV for an Immersive Gaming Experience

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