Microsoft’s Main Windows 7 Issue: Windows Updates

Excuse me for going on a small rant, but as I’m typing this I’m recovering my laptop from a Windows Update mishap.  How the hell does an approved MS update for Windows manage to crash your PC?  I don’t get it at all.  It’s similar to the issues with popular video games getting released without proper QA testing, but an approved update for your own OS that has bugs?  Please.

I bring the pain on myself, so no one is to blame.  I’ve been a PC guy since the dawn of computers, and have learned to master them inside and out, but enough is enough.  Does the Apple OS always need patching?  I’m so unfamiliar with that side of the coin I really have no clue.  I’m just amazed at how many patches are required for a Microsoft OS after it has been released.

To be fair to MS I believe there are way more Windows based PCs in the world, so hackers are attracted to bringing down the big bad corporate machine, but I’m literally patching Windows 7 at least twice a week!  That is insanity, especially considering that Windows 7 is supposed to be their flagship OS now.

Luckily I have some Windows troubleshooting experience, so I was able to boot to safe mode and do a system restore, but should I even have to do that these days?  Shouldn’t an approved MS patch not destroy your PC?  How are we supposed to trust these patches after we’ve been burned by them?

Now I’m going to have to research approved patches to see what issues they may cause.  Today’s mishap took away all of my video capabilities.  Try troubleshooting an issue without being able to see anything on your screen, sweet, NOT.

Oh well, let me turn around and present myself to Microsoft.  I still love their products and will continue to be frustrated at times, but at one point I’d rather not learn how to troubleshoot their products.  I’d love to just enjoy and learn to utilize their features.

You’ve been blue screen of deathed…


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