Middle-earth: Shadow of War Xbox One X Enhanced Gameplay Looks Impressive

If you picked up the Xbox One X today and also own a copy of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, then you can now play it with its Xbox One X enhancements, which include native 4K and HDR. Like Gears of War 4, Shadow of War allows you to opt for higher resolutions or visual quality when playing on the Xbox One X, but regardless of the mode the visuals will always be in 4K on the Xbox One X. You can learn more about the enhancements via the official infographic below.

I went ahead and fired the game up on the Xbox One X to see how its enhancements look, as well as to record and share some gameplay of it in action. The game’s visuals look clearly better on the Xbox One X over other platforms, but the cutscenes are still in 1080p. In terms of the colors, textures, and lighting, all are increased making the game look as good as it can on a console.

The first gameplay clip below is using the game’s default graphical settings, and was taken with the Xbox One X’s 4K Game DVR with the 4K SDR capture setting. There is no post processing work on the video clip, it was just uploaded directly to YouTube. As of right now YouTube seems to have made it a 1080p60fps video, but I can assure you it was recorded at a 4K resolution.

The gameplay clip below is still using the default graphical settings, but this time I used the Xbox One X’s 4K Game DVR with the 4K HDR setting. You will need an HDR-enabled screen to see it in full, and again, I’m not sure what YouTube does to it during upload, so if it doesn’t show in HDR, don’t blame me.

The Xbox One X is now available and many games are getting enhancements for it, so check out our review to see if its the right gaming console for you.


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