Middle School Football = Madden for Adults

I’ve been told by more than one friend who has coached at the middle school level that it’s eerily similar to playing the popular John Madden game with real people.  In middle school coaches aren’t using complex plays, there’s not much pressure to win, and creativity tends to shine in regards to play calling.  It’s probably the last level of sports where kids can just have fun and not worry about making mistakes.

This mantra for middle school football was showcased by a team in Texas (Driscoll) this past weekend when they ran one of the most clever trick plays I’ve ever seen.  I’m still not sure if it’s legal, but it has to be since a flag wasn’t thrown.  My favorite part is not the play itself, rather I enjoyed watching the kid fail at celebrating in the end zone.  I’m guessing #14 doesn’t exercise much because his long run nearly killed him.  Check it out below.  You’ve been wondering what the hell the other team was doing just standing there…


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