‘Midgard Mishaps’ Video Showcases Hilarious God of War Development Glitches

Sony has put out a fantastic video for God of War that shows off some of the crazy glitches the development team came across while building the game up for its PS4 release. The video features all sorts of video game programming wonkiness that includes visual mishaps, dialogue problems, and busted animations. It really is an intriguing look at what AAA game developers have to go through to ensure a game of God of War’s size doesn’t release to the public with more bugs than a roach motel.

As one commenter on the video called it, this is what God of War would have looked like if Ubisoft developed it, which is a clear jab at that studio’s past mishandling of major titles, such as Assassin’s Creed Unity. If you want to see some jacked up God of War glitches, then head on up above and check them out.


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