Might Have to Grab the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition For Old Time’s Sake

I’ve been feeling all sorts of nostalgia for my early years in gaming ever since the Mortal Kombat reboot was announced last Spring.  Everything I’ve been hearing and seeing about this game seems very promising, so I’m hoping to catch some of that awe I felt as a youngin’ when I first played the MK series in a traditional arcade.  Luckily for me, and not so lucky for my wallet, the Mortal Kombat game releasing this April will be coming with the usual special editions; with one of them containing a full on arcade stick!  That’s right!  For a whopping $149.99 Mortal Kombat fanboys can get their hands on the Tournament Edition, which will be packaged in a fully working arcade panel with joystick.

The picture you see above is of the Tournament Edition.  How freaking sweet is that thing.  I guess it also has memory foam underneath it for those long gaming sessions, not to mention it doubles as a storage bin.  Along with the joystick gamers will get the following items with the Tournament Edition:

    • Mortal Kombat Fight Stick
      • High quality, authentic Suzo Happ arcade parts for the ultimate in performance.
      • Designed exclusively by NetherRealm Studios
      • Inspired by the wooden arcade cabinets from the golden age of gaming
      • Features the classic Mortal Kombat ergonomic button layout to best optimize game play.
      • Memory foam underside for comfortable lap use
      • Flip open lid for easy arcade part customization access and storage.
    • Retro-Ninja costume Exclusive alternate in-game costume inspired by the classic Mortal Kombat character designs.
    • Customize your Xbox LIVE avatar with Mortal Kombat costumes and challenge your friends in our new King of the Hill online mode.
Gamers will also get pre-order exclusives like the OG Scorpion (Gamestop), OG Sub-Zero (Best Buy0, and Reptile (Amazon) DLC with the purchase of any copy of the game.  Not to mention there’s also a $99.99 Kollector’s Edition, which will feature a figurine, art book, and of course the game itself.  Take a look at the Kollector’s edition junk below.
Which version of MK will you end up getting?  I really think I may take the plunge and go for the super duper edition at $149.99.  There’s something about having the original arcade controls that really interests me.  Maybe I can re-live some of my glory days from the Ross Park Mall Arcade when we used to have to place quarters on the cabinet to call “next game”.  You’ve been tempted by the darkside…
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