Mighty Mugg Collectors Get iOS App to Manage Their Collection List

I could’ve really used the Three Brother’s Collection (Muggs Edition) App for iOS a year or two ago to help me manage, and track down any missing Mighty Muggs from my collection, but alas I had no iPhone at the time.  Not to mention that this app wasn’t even available at the time, so I was forced to go old school and use a paper checklist, which is so 1998!  Fear not though new Mighty Mugg collectors, because you will not have to use archaic materials like paper and pen to manage your Mugg-list now that the Three Brother’s have released their Collection app for it!

The Muggs Edition of this app is perfect for hardcore completionists that always need to have every figure in every series of a specific product line.  The app contains images of every known Mugg in existence (minus the maximum carnage pack released during NYCC), and it allows you to digitally check off.  Every line of Muggs is represented for easy access, and you can even rate the condition of the Muggs you own.  You can also add Muggs that you don’t have to a wish list to help keep you on track to completing your collection.  This isn’t an app that will lead to the next great scientific breakthrough, but it sure as hell will make managing your Mugg inventory much simpler.

Collection (Muggs Edition) Screenshots

The App itself is free, and for the most part it feels current.  I would like to see the NYCC Muggs added to its DB, but I’m sure that would only take a quick email to the developer.  The only thing that concerns me about this app is that it could become stale if the community doesn’t keep it alive.  I’d also like to be able to export my owned Muggs list, but that’d just be icing on the cake.  This app is a great tool for Mighty Mugg fans that also happen to be iOS users.  You can download it here and begin managing your Muggs today!  You’ve been wishing this came out 2 years ago…

Collection (Muggs Edition) Download link

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