Mighty No. 9’s Rocky Crowdfunding Journey Shouldn’t Dissuade Gamers From Future Backings

So Mighty No.9 has finally launched after multiple delays causing its development cycle to now span almost 3 years post its Kickstarter campaign. However it is not out on every platform, Wii U and 3DS have been delayed due to “technical issues” and Vita development has been delayed indefinitely with some even claiming that the game may never come to Sony’s handheld system. The amount of fumbles with this game are near legendary, besides delays, Comcept had created 2 more Kickstarters for a game and anime based on the Mega Man Legends successor Red Ashes. Then when the game was clearly not going to meet its goal at the last minute Comcept said they got backing from Chinese developer Fuze. This did not help consumer trust, if anything it fanned the flames of discourse that many feel for Mighty No.9 and Comcept as a studio. There was also speculation that the game would not look like it did in the original footage but at that time most blew it off as rumor alone.


Unfortunately this was only the beginning of the downfall of the new blue robot. Everyone I’m sure is aware of the infamous Mighty No. 9 trailer that was extremely cringe worthy. Treating those who were interested in this game like simple minded fools, and trying to appeal to the “edgy” crowd which was never the target audience for the game. Blame was put on publisher Deep Silver by Comcept but the damage was done. Besides the awful trailers, the gameplay shown brought many a backers blood to a boil. The visuals had suffered a major downgrade and the explosion effects, which have now become a rather popular meme in which it looks like Cheetos or pepperoni pizza ( Thanks to the wonderful Sonic The Hedgehog twitter page). This however while being what really set gamers off and turned almost the entire internet against Mighty was not the end.

Mr. Inafune the creator of Mighty No. 9 recently stated in an interview when asked about the game “It’s better than nothing.” Not exactly what you would call a statement to really reassure fans, customers, and future investors. I’ve been stating that this game would be a disaster since the writing has been on the wall for ages, and while I care not for Mighty No.9 I do care what this could do long term to the indie scene as a whole. This game was as I stated earlier kickstarted, and is one of the most donated-to gaming kick starters of all time. My fear is this will lead to many people being turned off of crowd funding all together. There have been many games that when kickstarted end up being great titles. Darkest Dungeon, Pillars of Eternity, Broken Age, Divinity: The Original Sin, and more. There are even upcoming titles that I am genuinely excited for, Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night, and Arcadian Atlas to just name a few.mighty-number-9-kickstarter (1)

Crowdfunding larger indie titles is still in my opinion a great thing. I have some really simple tips that while not full proof, can help you from getting burned too badly.

  1. Research who is making the game
  2. Look for footage and screenshots of what has been done so far
  3. Never invest large sums of money

Most successful campaigns come from thousands of people throwing between 1 and 10 dollars into the project. Some do invest more for better rewards and if you want to do that feel free, but make sure you know who is getting that money. I do not expect Mighty No. 9 to do well, at the time of writing the game has a user score of 2.7 (which was down from earlier) and a review score of 56. While I have not played the game myself I have seen enough gameplay and story to say it’s a safe pass from me. I loved Mega Man and wanted to see something in the same vain, but hey at least Capcom might make a new game…Right?


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