MiLi’s Got Your iPhone Battery Life Doubled and Sexy

For iPhone owners looking to extend their battery life without compromising the sleek look of the phone, MiLi has the answer for you.  They’ve just announced their Powerskin line, which is a protective case that doubles as a battery charger.  It will give you shock protection, double the battery life, and retain the awesome look of your iPhone all for the low price of $74.

It is 1/20th of an inch slimmer than Mophie’s Juice Pack Air.  That’s kind of splitting hairs on a gnat’s ass, but any amount of spaced save is still space saved.  The Powerskin is available in 8 different colors, so customization is possible if you’re not down with the jet black look.  If you’re a heavy iPhone user and have battery issues I’d suggest picking one of these slim guys up today.

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Engadget]


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