Millions of Trailer Dislikes or not Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Campaign Looks Awesome

When Activision unveiled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare the gaming community took a massive dump on its reveal trailer, so much so that it now has over 3 million dislikes. After watching it myself I couldn’t help but wonder why there was so much hate from gamers being thrown towards it, because it looked pretty damn entertaining if anything else. From what I’ve gathered gamers feel that the franchise is overpopulated and uninspiring thanks to its yearly release schedule, while others thought it was trying to be Halo, which are just two of the many reasons why people thought it was as appetizing as a plate full of HIV.

I don’t get the backlash towards the franchise’s yearly releases, because after all this practice directly stems from the fact that each new COD game does at least $500 million in sales upon release, so why the hell would a business in the video game industry not pump out games to print cash? If gamers are so burnt out on the franchise just show Activision that your fatigued by not buying the latest COD released, problem solved. As far as the Halo comparisons I guess Infinite Warfare’s space missions are why some gamers have made the connection, but after watching an extended behind closed doors demo of the game’s campaign in action at E3, I still find it to very much be a COD branded title and an entertaining one at that.

COD IW_E3_Ship Assault Space Combat_WM

This demo isn’t the same one that was shown publicly during E3 as it was of the mission that takes place directly before the space mission you’ve probably witnessed by now. In this mission the action starts on the ground and in typical COD fashion all hell has broken loose and it’s up to you and your squad to save the day. In terms of visuals and sound design Infinite Warfare excels at both. The graphics are insanely detailed and free of frame rate issues, and feature life-like lighting and crisp textures, so one thing gamers can’t bitch about is this game’s visuals. The sound design is even more impressive, especially with a competent surround sound system or high-end gaming headset thanks to its booming tones of futuristic warfare and the chaos that it brings with it.

Smooth looking visuals and excellent sound don’t make for a great video game though, but again based on what I saw I found the gameplay to be entertaining and very COD-like. During the ground mission we got to see some of Reyes’ gear in action, which quite frankly resembles some of the future war devices featured in Black Ops 3, albeit without exo-skeletons. Grenades can be programmed before being thrown to choose the best option for taking down whatever current threat you’re facing, while the weapons looked familiar but felt futuristic thanks to their sounds and capabilities. The coolest weapon we saw in action was some sort of shotgun, which when aimed would place red dots on the various body parts of its victim to give the player a visual queue on how damaging the attack would be. Reyes could also call down strategic air support, which required him to mark targets and then bring on the pain with a quick call over his radio.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare_3 WM

Really most of the gameplay looked very COD-like, but it was the setting and the action taking place that made Infinite Warfare’s campaign look so awesome. The chaos taking place was intense to behold and frenetic in nature, and with the killer sound design it felt like we were all on the battlefield watching the fracas play out. Things got really interesting when Reyes and his squad had to evacuate the city alongside a massive space cruiser thanks to the fact that it wasn’t just one big scripted cutscene moment. The player remained engaged throughout and the shift from the land battle to the space battle publicly shown at E3 was seamless.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare_6 WM

I found the whole segment to be amazing thanks to the fact that it never cut away from the player being active, which kept me as a viewer fully engaged in the action taking place on screen, so I imagine the player will be even more immersed in moments like these. Watching Reyes and his team jump into their space jets (guess that works) and then launch into space all in the game’s engine, and then transition right into a dogfight just looked fun as hell and believable to a point. It’s moments like these that I’ve always enjoyed in a COD campaign, but I just found this little segment to be mesmerizing, almost as if I was watching someone play a science fiction movie right in front of my eyes.

COW IW_E3_Ship Assault Zero G Combat_WM

Once in space the demo shifted to the one shown to the public, so I’m not going to cover it in detail, but it still looked like a fun gameplay segment seeing it up close and personnel. Everything just looked so smooth and on point, and by seeing the mission before it, the segment made much more sense and didn’t seem like Infinite Warfare was going full on Space setting. If anything, after watching two brief campaign missions I just wanted to see how the rest of the game played out, so I actually am excited to get my hands on Infinite Warfare’s campaign this fall. It looks to offer a cohesive and action packed narrative that is fleshed out with top-notch visuals and a sound design that makes your ear holes ring with joy. It may not be completely reinventing the COD-wheel per se, but has any COD game since Modern Warfare actually thrown an entirely new presentation at us? Maybe it is time to go back to the WWII days or WWI for the COD franchise to make it feel nostalgically fresh, but based on the campaign demo I saw I think a certain population of gamers aren’t giving Infinite Warfare a fair shake based on a reveal trailer.


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