Mine Wars: Star Wars Universe in Minecraft

Minecraft players never cease to amaze me.  A group of them created all of Middle Earth in the Minecraft world, and now I’ve found another band of geeks with way too much time on their hands who have created a fan made Star Wars tale set in the Minecraft world.  The funny thing to me is that when I watched this Mine Wars video I couldn’t help but think about another Star Wars game from the past in Dark Forces.  Those of you that were born in the 90’s have probably never played a Star Wars: Dark Forces game, but if you watch the Star Wars Minecraft parody below, it’s pretty damn close to what a FPS Star Wars game looked like when consoles weren’t HD machines of awesomeness.

Yes, games were still fun back then, mainly because we didn’t know any better, but man do they look like a pile of cat vomit now. Just think about what we’ll be saying about this generation of games 15-20 years from now!  Mind blown?  Good.  Check out Mine Wars below.  You’ve been wanting a Battlestar Galactica Minecraft episode next…

Mine Wars


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