I’m not asking you to watch the full 45 minute video below, which features an impressive collaboration of work between some Minecraft users, but you have to at least skim through it to see their creation.  This collective of nerds created all of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth using the in game tools found in Minecraft.  Every single brick had to be placed by hand as none of this was constructed using plugins, or additional tools not found in the default Minecraft library.

Talk about double fanboying!  These guys must geek out on LOTR and Minecraft daily to build the entire Tolkien Universe within a freaking videogame!  Regardless, I applaud their effort and only wish I had that amount of time to waste doing awesome, but ultimately pointless work that will yield nothing but Internet buzz and fanboy love.  Check out this impressive piece of LOTR geekery below.  You’ve been thinking that there’s a lot of freaking Stormtroopers in Middle Earth…

Middle Earth in Minecraft


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