Minecraft has sparked a craze amongst the gaming culture for its simple yet addicting gameplay of creation and defense.  At this point I’ve heard so much about it, mostly positive, that I may have to give it a go myself.  From what I know you more or less craft items, buildings, etc from the game world without any limits.  You also have to defend your creations from some zombie like a-holes who come around every once in awhile to destroy what you’ve created.  Mind you this is all done with graphics that rival the NES, but that doesn’t seem to hamper the fun.  I’m telling you, almost anyone who is anyone in the industry has nothing but praise to lump on Minecraft.

Check out what Zero Punctuation thinks of Minecraft below, as well as an official trailer for it to give you an idea of what the game looks like.  I’m starting to get the itch to play it, and it isn’t a case of the crabs!  This could get dangerous, because I’ve heard this game can hook you in like white china.  You’ve been thinking that you may want to waste some life playing with the Minecraft…

Official Gameplay Trailer


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Minecraft Official Site


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