‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Season 2 – Episode 2 Review

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 literally picks up right after the events that took place from Episode 1. Jesse is again tasked with saving Beacontown not knowing exactly how to defeat the giant creature that has just followed her from the Sea Temple. Of course, her friends are there to help, but some are stronger than others. Things quickly continue to go south from there after Jesse encounters the Admin.Let’s just say that the Admin forces Jesse into some really difficult situations.

Let’s just say that the Admin forces Jesse into some really difficult situations.

In this episode, you learn why Jesse has the gauntlet on her hand and why she was chosen to wear it. There are some familiar folks that make an appearance—you’ll just have to play the episode for yourself to find out who it is. The Admin was mentioned earlier, but you’ll learn who he is and what his purpose serves in all of this madness that Jesse is about to uncover. There is a little crafting, and plenty of button mashing in this episode to make it feel like a true Telltale Game.

This episode definitely picks up with the action and truly engages you the way the first episode didn’t. There are still trivial questions to answer and difficult decisions to make.

The pacing of Episode 2 feels better than expected, partly because you’re finally starting to get into the story and learning what the Admin has planned for Jesse and the gang. The overall tone for this game is very strange because of the events that are taking place, and some of the dialogue is a little off the wall sometimes.

The characters feel like they are starting to develop, and this allows you to get to know them a little better. Of course, if they are characters that appeared in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 there isn’t much left to know, but during this episode, you learn a little bit more of the newer characters introduced that might surprise you. While there is no real skill to challenge in this episode it’s still easy enough that anyone can play the game, and you can easily pick up what is going on in the story if you opted to the first episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 – Episode 2 is available now for all platforms except Nintendo Switch.


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