I’d say most people in the world have played Minesweeper at least once in their lives.  You know, that other game next to solitaire on your Windows PC.  The one where you randomly click around the grid to uncover mines without landing on one.  Supposedly there is a strategy to the numbers around your click mark, but I’m not that advanced, so if I can’t get the puzzle completed by arbitrarily clicking around the mine field I give up and blow myself up.  Imagine what you know about Minesweeper, and picture how it would work in real life.  That’s exactly what Elephant Larry did on  Larry created a real-life movie trailer for the live-action version of Minesweeper, which will make you giggle if you’ve ever played the game.  Outside of that you may think the concept is fairy retarded.  Check it out below.  You’ve been fearing the dreaded number 8…


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