MIT Geeks Hack Kinect to Create First Fully Realized Minority Report UI

If you’ve been following my other articles on Kinect hacks, then you might not be surprised to hear that a group of MIT students have replicated the Minority Report UI in just 4 weeks.  This is the one hack that I’ve been waiting for, and I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened.  I just can’t believe it has been done so soon.  Geeks kick a*s, especially the super smart ones that none of us can truly understand.  You know, the people who have a hard time dealing with public situations because they’re do busy thinking about how to invent the next major technological, or scientific advancement.

Students working in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have been able to get the Kinect to read in their fingers with 60,000 points of articulation at 30 frames a second.  If you really want to nerd out you can read the full specs on the project here.  I don’t really give a hoot how it works, I just want to see it in action, which you can down below.  It really is f*cking amazing that this has happened so soon after the Kinect launch.

The demo is very impressive, and it might not be dead nuts on with what we saw in Minority Report, but it’s a promising start.  Just think what will come out over the next few years if this is the stuff we’re seeing with the Kinect now, which has only been out for a little over a month.  Brilliant people, just brilliant!  Once again, MS is pushing the technology envelope in ways we never thought possible.  You’ve been wanting some MIT geeks to hack your Kinect…


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Via [Joystiq]


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