MIT Media Labs Get Kinect Working Even More Like Minority Report

Some of the World’s uber-geniuses at MIT have taken the Kinect and its technology to the next level.  So far we’ve seen the Kinect sensor being read into Windows 7, and the Kinect being used as a 3D capture cam.  Well, the geeks over at MIT’s Media Lab, Fluid Interfaces Group, have taken the Kinect and its magical powers to the next level when it comes to interfacing it with a PC.  They managed to have it integrate with javascript within a browser, effectively turning the Internet browsing experience into a futuristic one, similar to what was seen in ‘Minority Report’.

It’s only a matter of time before some of these Kinect experiments yield a concrete product that will usher us even further into the sci-fi future that us geeks so desparately want to live in.  Thanks Bill!  You’ve been wishing you were as smart as these geeks, so you could do something awesome with your Kinect that doesn’t involve dancing like a white boy…

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