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Back in August we featured a trailer for a Star Wars fan film that shied away from the traditional take on Lucas’ space opera, and now today we have the full version of the film to share. Star Wars Downunder is a 30-minute feature complete with an actual script, actors, and lovely looking CGI visuals, and it offers subject matter that no other Star Wars film has ever tackled – Beer.

Downunder tells the tale of Merve Bushwacker, a lone Jedi looking for some amber fluid to refresh himself after his latest mission. Unfortunately for Merve, Darth Drongo and his evil forces have horded every last drop of amber fluid in his Dunny’s Deep fortress, so freeing the planet’s supply of beer, I mean amber fluid, isn’t an easy task for this thirsty Jedi. It’s up to you to check out Star Wars Downunder to see if Bushwacker and his band of followers can liberate the planet’s supply of amber fluid before they all die of soberness, so head on down past the break to watch it in full.

You may want save this one for YouTube’s couch mode and watch it on a big screen complete with surround sound, because the production value is top-notch. For a non-profit project created solely with passion and love for Star Wars, and the art of film making, it doesn’t get much better than Star Wars Downunder. Head on over to the official site if you’re interested in soaking in all of the details.

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