‘MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY’ is Making It’s Way to Steam

For everyone keeping score at home, I am a HUGE mobile gaming fan. By mobile gaming in this sense I mean on a smart phone. At any given time I play about 4-5 different phone games, Mobius Final Fantasy being one of them. This is one of the best RPG’s on the phone that I have played thus far. For anyone that hasn’t played it, Mobius Final Fantasy has a deep story with a refined turn-based RPG battle system that just works. Based in the FF world you can’t really go wrong here, it really feels like a Final Fantasy game, which is hard to accomplish on a smart device. Starting on February 6th, you will be able to download Mobius Final Fantasy from Steam. This comes just before a special collaboration event with the new Final Fantasy VII remake coming out.

By logging into Mobius Final Fantasy on Steam will give you the chance to win a selection of in-game prizes. These prizes include ability tickets, a summon ticket and much more. These prizes will be determined by the number of times the Mobius Final Fantasy Steam Version Global Release Campaign page is shared and liked on social media through the share button. The goal is 15,000 so get those shares going, I want those prizes and you should too if you play. Remember, Mobius Final Fantasy will be available as a free download on Steam starting on February 6th, but you can go download it now on your smart device for free!

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