Modern Warfare 2 Gets Its Own Stimulus Package

The fastest selling piece of entertainment in history, Modern Warfare 2, is getting its first bit of DLC.  The content will be in the form of a new map pack entitled, “Stimulus Package”, and contains three new maps for the multiplayer portion of the game.  For those of you that have never heard of Modern Warfare 2 it’s a video game that sold close to a billion copies in one day.  No I’m full of crap but it did sell something like $500 million dollars worth of product in a few days, so it’s safe to say it’s a fairly popular piece of pop culture.

I find the title of the DLC to be intriguing because in my mind just like half of the corporations in the US, MW2 also needs a “Stimulus Package”.  Unlike MW1, MW2’s multiplayer has succumbed to the evil world of software bugs.  These programming errors allow ding dongs that have nothing better to do the ability to exploit glitches in the gameplay.  This results in a tainted on-line experience that for some gamers such as myself makes it no fun to play.  The fact that the [slider title=”devs”]Devs = Developers.  In the gaming industry you have the devs who create the game, and then you have publishers aka the corporate scumbags that distribute it.[/slider] even let a game like this out the door with bugs blows my mind.  It harkens back to the mess that has become known as Gears of War 2.  Two great franchises diminished in the on-line arena from shitty software bugs that glitchers exploit, which makes the experience less fun for the rest of us non-assholes.

I mean MW2 is a great game that isn’t the question.  The issue is that the multiplayer just isn’t as addicting as MW1, which was kind of a let down to my on-line posse.  Oh well, I guess that’s what Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is for.  Enough bitching, check out the video below for the “Stimulus Package” preview, which will be available on the [slider title=”Xbox 360″]Yet another blow to the PS3 crowd.  MS is a beast when it comes to getting things first or exclusives.  Just goes to show the power of having money to blow.[/slider] first 3/30/10.

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