Modern Warfare 2: Glitchy but Profitable

MW2 has set the benchmarks high for anyone trying to establish sales records in the entertainment market.  The Infinity Ward title not only made $500 million in a weeks time, sits at position #1 on Xbox Live’s most played games, but now it has set another Xbox record.  With the release of Modern Warfare 2’s first bit of DLC it now owns the record for most downloads in one day.  The Stimulus Package was downloaded by more than one million gamers in 24 hours with another 1.5 million grabbing it within a week.

Those are impressive numbers considering that the DLC costs $15.  I mean we’re talking a zillion dollars give or  take a few zeros!  It makes you wonder why Activision basically destroyed the team behind the game.  Yet another mind boggling business decision made by a bunch of rich white guys in an overly expensive board room.  God bless the dollar!

You’ve been enlightened…

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