Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Depicts a World of Hurt

The first of many gameplay trailers dropped for Infinity Ward and Sledgehammers Modern Warfare 3 title, and from the looks of it the World is f*cked!  I’ve lost most of my fanboy love for the Call of Duty series mainly due to Activision’s saturation distribution model, but I must say that I appreciate the Modern Warfare titles over the rest.  Infinity Ward is the studio that took COD to the stratospheric levels that it is at these days with COD 4, and the MW2 follow-up was just as satisfying (campaign missions) as the original, so I am looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy.

I’m just not overly excited for it as I’m reserving my fanboy passion for the Gears of War 3 release this September.  It’s going to take some amazing gameplay, and rewarding MP to sway me from the multiplayer battles in Gears 3, so Modern Warfare 3 has some work to do to score my gaming hours.  Regardless, the trailer for Modern Warfare 3 looks epic to say the least.  Let’s just say it’s probably a dead on portrayal of what World War III will eventually look like.  If you have’t seen it yet make sure to check it out below.  You’ve been thinking that there’s a helluva amount of AAA titles coming out this Fall…
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First Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer


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