Modern Warfare 3: In Pre-Production but Will Blow

I guess in the lawsuits going back and forth between Activision and Infinity Ward some details were highlighted about Modern Warfare 3.  One of the big bones Activision had to pick with the former heads of IW was the fact that they felt like IW was stalling on the pre-production of MW3 for personal reasons.  You almost had to figure there would be another Modern Warfare title, but with IW out of the picture will it be any good?

I highly doubt it.  Considering IW created the Call of Duty franchise and the Modern Warfare spin-offs from the get go, how could another dev do it any justice?  Any of the COD titles not helmed by IW have been sub par if that.  It’s kind of sad that a studio can lose its baby to the scumbag publishers who buy them out.

Oh well, that’s what capitalism is all about.  The bigger predator will always get its meal in the end, regardless of what tactics are used to kill it.  Here’s to you Modern Warfare 3, don’t blow if you can help it!

You’ve been enlightened…

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