MOFUU’s Portable Wireless Apple Watch Keychain Travel Charger Cable Review

If you’re an active person, or someone who gets a ton of notifications throughout the day via your iPhone, and you own an Apple Watch, then you know that you have to keep it charged on a daily basis. I always put mine on its charger at night, and make sure to bring the super long and clunky cabled charger with me whenever I travel to ensure my Apple Watch is always ready to aid me with my day. Although, traveling with the charger is a pain in the butt, because the cable is extremely long, so it always becomes a tangled mess when I have to throw it in my bag with other chargers and their own cables.

Traveling with this rat’s nest of cables can be a pain, which is why I’m glad MOFUU has created a new solution for Apple Watch owners to keep their watches charged while on the go, without the hassle of wrangling together its tangle-prone cable. MOFUU’s portable wireless Apple Watch charger is small enough to keep on a keychain, or to put in your pocket, so it perfectly reduces the clutter and frustration that can come with using the standard Apple Watch charger while not at your home. It’s very light too, so you don’t even notice it if it’s hooked to your keychain, or on your bag thanks to its mini-clip.

This charger isn’t a battery, it’s just a charger, so the benefit comes from its tiny footprint. It cleverly packs in a USB cable into its design, which you can pull out and plug into any 5V USB power source to start charging your Apple Watch. All you need to use it is a USB power supply, a USB power cell, or any USB enabled port that supports at least a 5V output. I used my iPad charger unit to test the sample device sent to us for review, and it worked just fine to charge my original Apple Watch back to life from a fully dead battery. It also charged when connected to a standard Mac/PC USB port.

If you love your Apple Watch, but hate lugging around its clunky charging cable, then you should definitely consider MOFUU’s wireless keychain charger for it. It retails for $36.99, and you can buy it today from eBay and eventually Amazon. I’ll definitely have mine permanently clipped to my work bag from here on out, because it truly is a much more convenient way to charge my Apple Watch when I’m not at home.

Review Summary

Build Quality - 7
Functionality - 8
Ease of Use - 8
Price - 5



This charger is a much more convenient way to charge your Apple Watch when you're not at home.


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