Moms, Ladies, and Geeks, You’ll Love ‘Iron Baby’!!

Trust me, I’m not someone who goes ga-ga over little babies.  In fact they still kind of scare me, and I refuse to touch them.  I just feel like I’ll drop it, or something, and don’t want that responsibility on my shoulders.  Although, if I ever do procreate I totally want my kid to be like ‘Iron Baby’.  This video goes for the “Ahh” factor, but it did make me giggle.

How sweet would it be if this little superhero swooped in and saved your day?  He’s like a little midget Iron Man.  I want to kick him over like a trash can.  Just watch the video and see for yourself.  Guys, you won’t be a softy for doing so.  You’ve actually thought a baby was cool for the first time in your life…

‘Iron Baby’


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