During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct event, Monster Hunter Generations was officially confirmed for a Western release. Scheduled to hit store shelves this summer, Monster Hunter Generations promises all of the big-game hunting, co-op fighting, and mushroom picking gameplay that the series has established itself upon.

According to Nintendo, Monster Hunter Generations will include the ability to transfer save data from Monster Hunter IV: Ultimate, ensuring that series veterans get the most out of the new title.

The trailer for Monster Hunter Generations doesn’t show too much that makes it stand out from past franchise entries, but this isn’t much of a surprise. Outside of the near-perfect Monster Hunter IV: Ultimate, Capcom’s acclaimed franchise has been relatively resistant to change. By playing it safe and creating an experience that borrows heavily from its immediate predecessor, Capcom’s in a position to make sure that Monster Hunter Generations reaches a bigger audience than ever before.

Stay tuned for more updates as Monster Hunter Generations nears its summer launch window.


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