Monstrum, the game our very own TenBensons covered has been updated on Steam Early Access. If you are not familiar with it, Monstrum puts players in the role of a very unlucky survivor onboard a procedurally generated ship at see. So far, sounds okay right? Except of course, you are not alone.

With the ship comes 2 different monsters (moving up to 3 on the full release) which intend to make your characters life a living hell. Take a look at the full release notes below, and support the early access build at the following link for $14.99.

Early Access Features

The initial Early Access version of Monstrum will feature:

  • Two unique monsters, each with their own tracking methods and hunting styles

  • Three potential escape routes, each with their own challenges to solve

  • Four ship sections to navigate through

  • A procedurally generated environment, no ship is ever the same.

  • A variety of distractions, hiding places and tools to aid your survival

Full Release Features

The full release of Monstrum will include:

  • Three monsters in total

  • Five varied ship sections, with their own environmental traps and hazards

  • Oculus Rift support


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