We’ve probably all had the experience. Perhaps during a long car ride, hanging out with friends, or maybe just you and your trusty Game Boy. You power on the classic handheld and it takes you right to the simple title screen which most likely had an infectious title track, because holy moly did Game Boy games have some timeless tunes. Well, through this labor of love, NicksplosionFX has taken the title screen from EVERY Game Boy game and compiled it into one large montage. Seriously, they’re all here.

There’s a link to the Wikipedia page for all of the Game Boy games so you can follow along. Perhaps you’ll zip around and find some of your favorites like Mega Man, Kirby’s Dream Land, Super Mario Land, or maybe you’ll just sit back and take it all in. Go from A to Z and watch the quality progress from launch titles such as Alleyway and Tetris to titles much later in the Game Boy era like Donkey Kong Land III or Wario Land II. Watching this makes me really want to go out and finally get me a copy of Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge!

Make sure to visit more awesome video game montages on NicksplosionFX’s YouTube channel!


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