More Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Rumored Baddies

Just yesterday I wrote about a leak by one of the Batman voice actors regarding Two-Face being in the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum.  Well it seems two more actors who are playing unannounced roles in Batman Arkham Asylum 2 have prematurely spilled the beans on some of the villains that will show up in the game.  Do you think the studio is ready to punch these actors out yet?

Whatever happened to confidentiality agreements that these actors signed?  In this day and age of readily available and easy to use forms of communication, it seems no secret is safe anymore.  Stana Katic, some actress I’ve never heard of, tweeted that she’ll be playing Talia al Ghul in the next Batman Arkham Asylum title.  I didn’t even know that Ra had a wife?  The tweet was quickly pulled down, but I’d say the damage is already done.

If two unofficial reveals isn’t bad enough Maurice LaMarche, another unknown actor to me, spilled the beans that he’s playing Mr. Freeze.  That brings the unofficial bad guy list to three; Two-Face, Talia al Ghul, and Mr. Freeze.  It looks like a pretty decent line up of foes for Batman to beat the tar out of.  I wonder if there will be any mutant versions of them like the first game’s horrible last boss?  How many more secrets for this game will be exposed, stay tuned for anymore reveals.

You’ve been enlightened…

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