Morpheus’ Daring Escape from ‘The Matrix’ Remade in Source Filmmaker

The LiveCurious95 YouTube channel has faithfully recreated the “Rescuing Morpheus” scene from the original Matrix using the Source Filmmaker engine.  Just in case you’re wondering this is the scene where Neo and Trinity open up a serious can of whoop-a*s on an entire office building to save their leader (embedded below for reference).  The more I think about it, if you honestly need refreshed on the original Matrix you were either born in the 2000’s, or you’re a poser.  Get with it people!

Anyway, what this guy did is nothing short of amazing.  He used the Source Filmmaker engine, which is a Valve sponsored movie making tool that fans can use to create projects utilizing Valve’s various video game assets.  You may notice some of the characters portraying the Matrix cast from some of their games like L4D, and Team Fortress.  Regardless of the character designs though, this little homage to “Rescuing Morpheus” is a near perfect recreation of the original.  Check them both out below.  You’ve been wanting to give this Source thing a try…

The Matrix Remaked (SFM)

The Matrix – Morpheus Rescue – Super High Quality

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