Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep. 1 Online Now ft. Jax, Sonya, and Kano

The highly anticipated ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ live-action web series has finally debuted its first episode on Machinima’s YouTube channel.  This first episode directed by Kevin Tancharoen features a 13 minute look at Jax, Sonya, and Kano, specifically focusing on what motivated these characters to get involved in the Mortal Kombat tournament.  For a web series it’s actually a pretty impressive production scoring some well known actors from other geeky shows such as Jeri Ryan from “Star Trek: Voyager” as Sonya Blade, Michael Jai White from ‘The Dark Knight’ as Major Jackson ‘Jax’ Briggs, and Darren Shahlavi from ‘300’ as Kano.

This first of nine episodes in the MK: Legacy project shows fans of the gruesome fighter some of the back stories behind the more popular Mortal Kombat characters from the gaming franchise.  It has a a great pace to it with the action almost being non-stop for most of the short.  It does offer up some gore, but I’d like to see some more blood and guts considering this live-action series is based on one of the most brutal videogames of all-time.  Instead of Jax shooting a gun I would’ve like to have seen him rip some arms off while battling Kano’s forces.  Although, I did appreciate the fan service, especially when we get to see a special weapon of Kano’s that he doesn’t have installed yet if you know what I mean.

If you need to kill 12 minutes, or so, and have been a fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise, I highly suggest checking this series out.  For a first episode I think the Mortal Kombat: Legacy live-action series did a good job at capturing gamer’s minds, and it helps to expose fans of the games to the history behind some of the MK characters.  It’s a great video to watch on your tablet, or smartphone when you need some time to kill.  Check it out below.  You’ve been wanting to see some fatalities in live-action…


Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1


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